"Nationwide service
without the sluggish
pace of a large

Joachim Klamroth, IT Manager of Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG

"Nationwide service without the sluggish pace of a large corporation."

Joachim Klamroth, IT Manager of Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG

Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG

Nordgetreide is committed to quality, professionalism and service. The company, with its head offices in the north of Germany in the port of Lübeck, can look back on close to 50 years of history. Joachim Klamroth, IT Manager of Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG, describes his experience working with TA Triumph-Adler. A wonderful partnership.

The initial situation

Producing a range of different cereals is a highly challenging endeavour. We and our 400 employees at Nordgetreide make a wide variety of products for the European retail and industrial sectors at three plants. A number of grain types are used to manufacture GM and organic products. Founded roughly 50 years ago, Nordgetreide is jointly operated by two international firms: Laurens Spethmann Holding, which serves the European market, and Peter Cremer Holding, which maintains a global network of partners. Quality, service, reliability and cost efficiency all play a critical role for our company. High system availability, rapid response times and reliable, consistent service from our service providers and partners are essential for the company. That is why we made the decision to go with TA Triumph-Adler as our partner for document management.

The solution

We took a deliberate approach to finding a document management partner. Before the first meeting, we sent Karin Gogolla, Document Consultant at TA Triumph-Adler, a long list of questions along with information regarding Nordgetreide’s special requirements related primarily to FollowMe printing, data protection and SAP support. One day later, the sales representative was sitting with us in the office ready to provide answers to a whole range of questions. The TA Triumph-Adler presentation was fantastic. They left no questions unanswered, and the range of services was impressive. As I would soon find out, TA Triumph-Adler provides the ease of a full-coverage service without the sluggish pace of a large corporation.

I travelled shortly thereafter to TA Triumph-Adler Professional Services GmbH in Schwerin. I wanted to visit the facility and see for myself how the service structures are set up in order to deliver the stipulated level of service. I had an ‘aha’ moment while I was there.

„I was impressed by the speed of the service processes and how well and effectively everything is managed. “

Joachim Klamroth, IT Manager of Nordgetreide

The technicians even indicated when they will be on site. If there are ever any delays, a call is placed to the customer to inform them immediately.

TA Triumph-Adler began by touring the company locations. This involved the company initially addressing questions such as: Which printer systems are being used, and where? Which workflows are they being used in, and with what kinds of volumes? What kind of solutions would work better?

TA Triumph-Adler then implemented a TOM (Total Output Management) concept in combination with an MPS (Managed Printer Services) concept. To put this in numbers, 73 individually tailored printer systems are in use at five locations, all centrally managed by TA Cockpit®, the Web-based asset management tool from TA Triumph-Adler.

The result

TOM and TA Cockpit® provide us with an overview of all print stations while also delivering maximum transparency regarding costs and volumes and detecting error messages immediately. In addition, materials such as toner are automatically reordered when they are running low. While any provider can replenish stocks when they drop below specified levels, the service that TA Triumph-Adler offers impresses us time and again. Based on the current printing patterns, it detects when a printer will need a replacement cartridge and then delivers it right when it is required.

We are highly satisfied with the follow-me printing service from TA Triumph-Adler as well. We had been looking to reduce the number of printers at the company but were unable to do so due to the confidential nature of the material being printed. By the time I got to the printer, for example, there might be someone else waiting for his documents to be printed. TA Triumph-Adler installed its Follow2Print and aQrate solutions at our company to remedy this problem. With the new set-up, the print job that is generated is not printed until the employee has entered his or her credentials on the device as part of the authentication process. Add to that, the printed documents can be collected anytime at any location within the company.

aQrate also ensures, among other things, that all employees can see their individual control panels on the printer display to deliver an enhanced user experience. We use the chip for authentication that each employee uses everyday to enter company buildings. 

The aQrate solution also helped streamline other internal structures. We had primarily been using the analogue fax functions on the multifunctional printers which send faxes via the telephone system. With the TA Triumph-Adler print systems, we now use our fax servers exclusively to send faxes and receive them using our e-mail servers. This has the advantage that faxes are not printed out unless required and they can also be distributed efficiently by e-mail and read when out of office.

Working with TA Triumph-Adler has delivered financial benefits as well. It allowed us to significantly reduce costs while keeping the calculated volumes constant.

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